Starting Your Own 3D Rendering Studio – The Checklist


Planning to open your own 3D rendering studio in Melbourne? Sure, why not? 3D rendering is one of the most sought after visualization technique benefitting various industries and therefore, venturing into this business could be profitable to you, only when you understand the nuances and prepare yourself well enough and well ahead! Although, as a newbie, the entire process seems intimidating, a well-rehearsed checklist like the one mentioned below could appropriately prepare you to face your new challenge courageously!

The Checklist

Your idea of opening a 3D studio is appreciable but, how are you planning to market it so that the suitable clients approach you and offer you the much-needed business and therefore, the much-needed visibility and income? For all these to happen, you have to answer the mentioned queries in the checklist and prepare you and your studio accordingly to encounter the possible challenges and emerge as the successful entrepreneur!

  • What’s your niche?

The 3D rendering technique is being utilized in various industries, such as the construction, animation (film), engineering and so on and therefore, it is your responsibility to decide, which industry are you to work for? Instead of being ‘the jack of all trades’, initially, concentrate on one specific industry and gain experience in it as it can help you understand the nuances involved much better and much clearer.

  • How to gain experience?

Gaining significant experience is much needed to expand the business for which, you could utilize the power of the social media to advertise your position and to request for projects for a relatively nominal price value. Also, approach the local companies of your area relevant to your niche and help them understand, what you and your 3D renderings could do to their business.

  • How to market?

Create a website for your company to market your skills, for which you could seek the help of a suitable digital marketing company. Also, use the power of the social media for your benefit, where by creating a Facebook page or by using the Instagram to post your 3D renderings, you could gain enough audiences and hence, enough business and income!


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