All About Creating Your Photography Portfolio

All About Creating Your Photography Portfolio

To collate anamazing photography portfolio is difficult. Many want to create one or want to get as far as to collect the materials, but most lack the presentation skills and believe that their work is not among the best. Once you,however, put together a portfolioit can work to your advantage.


When you talk about photographyportfolio it is all about your work collection. It is thought by most that your portfolio should have your best work that you have done so far. This is true in some cases however what one needs to do is to create a series of work that has a unifying theme. This can be a style or photographs taken throughaspecific medium.

A portfolio gives you an opportunity to present your work. It is important to know what you need a portfolio for. Is it for ajobinterview or do youwant to exhibit your work in a gallery? Your reason to create a portfolio may also be to collate your work to bring it together.Whatever be the reason to take a portfolio, it is important that you know the purpose. If it is ajob interview you are applying to then you may have to display a number of techniques andskills. If the collection is to portray in an exhibition then you will require unifying the theme and will need to present the work with the gallery set up in mind.


Once you are clear on why you need a portfolio, the next step is to be clear of the audience who are going to see your work.Focus on the reaction that you would like to evoke in them. Should they be surprised with your work or be pleased? Not every audience would want to see the best generic shot that you had clicked or a landscape shot. It is thus important that the portfolio stands out and gets the reaction that you are expecting.


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