The nuances of Social Media Likes

Facebook – we all know it and use it daily. It is addictive and if you look at studies then today almost everyone who is addicted to this social media site wakes up and the first thing that they do is to check their Facebook page.

All real fans now know that Facebook is more addictive than coffee. You want to be really successful on Facebook. We open it every other minute to check how many have liked the post that we have just posted. The point here is that today it is not just you or me doing this. This has become the habit of many and almost every Facebook user has been trapped. Look at data and you will see that the average time spent on Facebook is more than 20 minutes each day! Be it checking the likes on their posts, reading others posts or looking at groups.

We have been trapped

We have started to judge ourselves by the number of likes that we get on Facebook. But why are we doing this? It adds no monetary value to your life and in fact, research has shown that too much addiction to Facebook can infact affect your health.Social media is good till it is used in the limit. Too much use is bad for us. But the sad part is that social media today is unavoidable and Facebook is the king of the group.

The number of users of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is huge and is only increasing each day. It is high time that we think and starts to analyze what psychological impact the social media sites are having on our lives.


Likes are not reactions anymore. This has become the way we judge ourselves. It has started to make us feel unwanted socially and in turn brings down our self-esteem.Infact, these likes from people who we hardly meet have become important and have become the way we have started judging ourselves.

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Choosing Social Media Likes

Scholars on social media and that include big names in the industry are telling ordinary folks like you and me that being crazy after likes and getting a gargantuan number of followers on any of the social networking sites is a big waste of a time.

So, are we purporting that the likes, the shares and the following are all a sham?

Are we? No!

It is a gradual process. When we have a startup, we definitely need a decent amount of exposure to be seen by prospective customers. You need to be around for the customers to even deliberate on being able to have you as one of their choices. But slowly, when you think that you are spending way too much time on social sites; that is the precise time that you must cut yourself short and ask yourself one major question: is the return on investment justifying the time that you are spending on social networking sites along with resources such as time and energy?

There needs to be a concerted effort towards social media marketing:

As an organization, you will need to test the waters with your little finger first and then be able to infer and draw a strategy that will help you further in your goals. To say that you must blindly start advertising and marketing on all the social media sites will be a cumbersome effort since you need to be able to get back concrete results for the time and energy so invested, especially if you are the one man army of your organization and the business is still in the early stages of growth.

You must use SEO as a tool:

It goes without saying that you must employ SEO in order to optimize vision on the internet. Remember there are millions on the internet like you who are vying for the best spot on the browser’s search result. What is there in you that will give you a cutting edge over the others and what the client will like in you to be able to either mark you his favorite or bookmark the site to come back even later- that is what your focus must be on.

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