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Pay Per Click Promotion is not only the most cost effective method for driving targeted traffic to your site, but the most effective method, period.

What Is Pay Per Click Promotion?

The name does most of the explaining. You control how much a visitor costs by paying a certain amount each time a pay per click search engine sends you a visitor. But you pay only when that visitor actually clicks to your site.

Pay Per Click visitors are not random people clicking on just any site. The Pay Per Click search engine provides them with information about your online business before they click, so you receive only visitors who are truly interested in what you have to offer.

Most Pay Per Click search engines allow you to bid on keywords and pay for each visitor that ‘clicks through’ to your site. The more you bid, the higher you appear in the search rankings for a particular keyword.

But is not “most” Pay Per Click search engines. We have created a unique system for providing you with a Pay Per Click service that is superior to even those provided by Google and Overture.

First things first. Let’s talk about how our Pay Per Click Package works:

1. We create a new domain for you which will be owned by us. We then optimize this domain for the search engines and link it to your site so that it receives the benefits of increased traffic.

2. We will set up a free account for you at an independent, 3rd party link tracking service, which will enable you to keep track of the number of visitors we are sending to your site.

3. We will set up a free account for you at an independent, 3rd party traffic analysis service, allowing you to keep track of the keywords people are using to find the new domain in the search engines.

4. For each keyword that has been finalized, we will create a page designed to pull top rankings in all the search engines for that keyword. All these pages will be linked to your site, enabling visitors from the search engines to visit your site after they have arrived at these pages.

The site we create for you will contain several search engine optimized pages, each page designed to get top rankings in the search engines for a particular keyword. The pages will contain a logo of your site at the top, followed by about 250 – 300 words of content describing your Web business along with some links to your site. Each page will have the same background color as the one used in your site.

5. We upload the pages and submit them to search engines such as:

Open Directory

6. We charge a flat rate of only 7 cents for every unique visitor you receive from our Pay Per Click service. You can make an initial advance payment of $700 which will entitle you to 10,000 unique visitors. Once you have received 10,000 unique visitors, you may choose to renew your service.

7. If at any time you are dissatisfied with the number of unique visitors you receive, or any other aspect of our pay per click package, you are guaranteed a refund of your existing balance.

For more detailed answers on the steps we follow to execute your Pay Per Click project, click here.

So, what is this “unique visitor” we keep talking about?

When you order our Pay Per Click Package, you are charged by unique visitor rather than by each click on your site. This system allows you to maximize the amount of clicks you can generate with your Pay Per Click package.

How Helps You Use Pay Per Click Promotion to YOUR Advantage (and Save Money!)

Here’s an example to demonstrate how our Pay Per Click Package will save you money:

Most Internet shoppers do not buy from the first site they visit, no matter how good the deal is. The Internet makes shopping around so easy that an Internet shopper can literally investigate dozens of online businesses in a single hour.

Let’s say a visitor goes to your site first. They click on your site, they like what they see, but still… they want to look around just a little bit more. After checking out a few other sites, they make the right decision and decide they want to buy from you! So they return to your site and place an order with you. And guess what? This same visitor may do this over and over again, which could end up costing you much more than they are worth!

Fortunately with, you are charged only 7 cents per visitor one single time, no matter how many times the same visitor clicks on your site. We feel that this is only fair.

You can rest assured that our system of deducting only 7 cents per unique visitor, regardless of how many times that visitor clicks on your site, will allow you to maximize the number of targeted visitors you receive through our Pay Per Click service.

This is just one of the many ways’s Pay Per Click Package offers you huge advertising value. There are NO hidden costs at all!

How Else Does Our Service Compare to Overture and Google?

A. While Google has a minimum bid of 5 cents and Overture has a minimum bid of 10 cents, a bid of 5 cents or 10 cents in these sites is only going to get you words that are rarely searched. For the most popular search terms in heavily searched categories, you can find yourself paying $1.00-$2.00 or even much more to occupy one of the top spots.’s Pay Per Click package ensures that you will never pay more than 7 cents per unique visitor. NO bidding wars for the most popular words. NO high fees every time a visitor clicks on your site. Just a FLAT RATE of 7 cents every time, paid ONLY for a unique visitor to your site.

B. Search engines display results from Overture as “Sponsored Sites” or “Featured Sites.” Google’s AdWords Select Program displays sites in a different color at the right hand of the screen. Consumers are aware that these sites are not given precedence because they are the best, but because they paid the most for advertising. Essentially, these displays are nothing more than advertising. And when consumers know something is advertising, they will avoid it like the plague to escape the sales pitch.

With, your domain is optimized to appear in the regular search results. Your site NEVER comes off as an advertisement, but ALWAYS as an online business that will meet the searcher’s particular needs.

C. You don’t want just anyone to click on your site as in that case you would be charged for each unqualified visitor. The only visitors you should be paying for are those who are highly targeted. The way to keep your traffic as targeted as possible is through a clear and unique title and description.

Both Overture and Google limit the size of your title and description. Without sufficient information, visitors who are unaware of what you offer could click on your site and then leave as soon as they realize their mistake. Each time this happens, it costs you money.

Our PPC package brings visitors first to a domain owned by us, where they have a chance to view a detailed description of what your site is about BEFORE they click on it. This means that the visitors you receive through our service will be far more targeted than those coming from Overture or Google.

D. When you bid for keywords in Overture and Google, some of your unethical competitors may deliberately click on your site multiple times in order to fraudulently increase your costs. However, with our pay per click package, your domain is optimized to appear in the regular search results. Since there is no way for your competitors to know that you are paying us for every visitor, they will not think of deliberately clicking on the links to your site.

As the particular needs of online business owners evolve, so do our services. That is why we are now offering the most competitive and effective Pay Per Click service on the net, tailored to fit the ever changing needs of YOUR Internet business. helps you get the most out of your Pay Per Click service:

* By collaborating with each client, we are able to generate a list of niche keywords after carefully considering the popularity of each keyword among users.

* We save you from getting involved in a keyword bidding war with your competitors. No matter which keywords you use, the flat fee is always 7 cents. (With other Pay Per Click search engines, any word you win with a bid of only 5 cents or 10 cents is practically worthless!)

* We ensure our listing is always relative to your search term, so you don’t receive unqualified visitors.

* The phrasing of your title and description, as well as your landing page, makes a huge difference in increasing your conversion rates and sales volume. We pay careful attention to all of these aspects to ensure that your title, description, and landing page capture attention immediately and clearly define your product or service.